Lux Mundi™
is the original liturgical alternative to the increasing costs of maintaining and purchasing wax candles. Since our inception in 1980, we have serviced thousands of churches through our global network of religious supply stores. Because we are represented in nearly every state, you are guaranteed personal service. No more dealing with a manufacturer thousands of miles away, your authorized Lux Mundi dealers are usually right next door.

Lux Mundi™ offers a wide variety of diameters and heights, and our handmade products can meet any of your requirements. We offer custom made candles, or candles custom made to fit existing sockets at no additional charge. Whether you desire refillable or disposable oil candles, Lux Mundi is the source for all liturgical ceremonies. We have been dedicated to servicing all liturgical needs for 15 years, and our pledge is to continue to provide products and services to meet the high standards of liturgical traditions.


For Dealer information, contact Lux Mundi:
Phone: 800-327-0505
Fax: 800-327-0455


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