Lux Mundi Altar Pure Paraffin is now available in clear containers

Retail Displays
Retail displays are now available for qualified dealers!
Please contact Chuck or Henry for more information.

Made In The USA
All Lux Mundi products are proudly made in the United States. Our fully equipped manufacturing facility can accommodate any special needs you may have.
FREE_SAMPLEFree Altar Pure Paraffin Sample
If you are currently using another fuel, we invite you to call us for a free sample of our high quality Altar Pure Paraffin. Judge for yourself which fuel you prefer. We are confident you will select Lux Muni paraffin. Adapters are available at no charge to utilize Lux Mundi Disposable Containers with other manufacturers' candles.





For Dealer information, contact Lux Mundi:
Phone: 800-327-0505
Fax: 800-327-0455


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